Galleta Meadows


Galleta Meadows

Galleta Meadows

When driving by the open desert close to Borrego Springs, you might find yourself doing a double-take as you spot an elephant or some prehistoric creature lurching not too far from the road you are on. No, your eyes or mind is not playing tricks with you.  Those creatures are real. Luckily however, they aren’t moving.

Those creatures that you see are actually metal sculptures.   According to the Galleta Meadows Estate website, Dennis Avery, land owner of Galleta Meadows Estates in Borrego Springs, envisioned the idea of adding “free standing art” to his property.  Avery commissioned Ricardo Breceda of Perris, California, to create the metal sculptures you see today.   Breceda operates Perris Jurassic Park along I-215 just south of Perris.

Most of the animals depicted are from various prehistoric periods.  However, there are a few that represents modern time, such as Desert Bighorn Sheep that Borrego Springs is named after (“Borrego” in Spanish means sheep).  There are also a few that are more fictional, such as the 350-foot serpent that was erected in July of 2011.

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Galleta Meadows isn’t just one place. The sculptures can be found along the road both north and south of downtown Borrego Springs. Most of the sculptures are along Borrego Springs Road. A majority of them are located north of Christmas Circle (the traffic circle in the center of Borrego Springs) between Bighorn Road and Henderson Canyon Road. The others are located south of Christmas Circle in the area where Borrego Springs Road makes a sweeping 90 degree turn from south to east.

You’ll easily spot the sculptures when driving down the road in open desert. If you would like to get a closer look, be careful to park your car safely off the street and walk out to the sculptures. Just remember, that when walking around open desert, stomp your feet loudly to alarm any rattlesnakes that may be hanging out in the vicinity. When returning to your vehicle, remember to be aware of fast moving traffic along Borrego Springs Road.

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