Tattoo Removal

Applause method of tattoo removal removes tattoos better than any other method.

Natural Tattoo Removal

A Safe, Cost–Effective Treatment for Eliminating Unwanted Tattoos.

Whatever the reason for wanting a once-loved tattoo removed—we have the solution! While laser has been the primary option it has not always been effective in eliminating all colors and often leaves behind an unsightly impression where the tattoo once was.

Applause offers a new alternative that is safer, more effective, and proven to be superior to laser procedures. The Vanish ProcessSM uses a natural saline-based product that was medically developed along with a tattoo removal tool.  Within a short time the ink is captured, a scab is formed containing the ink, and when the scab falls off, so does the ink.  Unlike laser treatments, no acid or chemicals are used and there is minimal discomfort.  Compared to laser, there are fewer treatments and lower cost.

Patient Undergoing Removal

Patient Undergoing Removal

Methods of Removal

Over the years there have been many different attempts at removing tattoos.  Some of those methods have included surgical excision, Dermabrasion, Salabrasion, Cryosurgery and most recently Laser.  Most methods don’t work as well as my procedure.

My procedure is more superior in the following ways:

  • Less expensive
  • About 50%to 75% fewer treatments needed
  • Less discomfort
  • Removes ALL colors
Sample Untreated Tattoo

Sample Untreated Tattoo

How does this work?

I use anesthetics before and during the procedure for your comfort.  I am able to use a similar process as when you received your permanent makeup or tattoo.  The saline based solution is then applied on your tattoo area.  After the allotted time, the area is thoroughly cleaned and bandaged.  Written care instructions are provided.

Scabbing after 1 week, tattoo is fading

Scabbing after 1 week, tattoo is fading

How many treatments will I need? When will I see results?

Most tattoos will seem lighter with removal of some ink after one treatment.  Generally, with just a few treatments you will see significant results.  We can usually remove your tattoo or permanent makeup in 50% to 75% fewer treatments than most other methods.  Some tattoos have been removed with one or two treatments.  Other removals take a few more sessions.

There is no way of knowing what type of ink or how much and how deep the ink was put into your skin and skin types vary, so there is no Guarantee on how many treatments will be needed to achieve satisfactory results. My method will lighten or remove most colors of any tattoo.

Are there any complications?
The client is evaluated to make sure that he or she is a good candidate for the tattoo removal. With any procedure where the skin has been altered, which is the case when a tattoo or permanent makeup is applied, there is always a slight risk of scarring. This risk is significantly reduced if the client faithfully follows the post procedure instructions.

How painful are the treatments?
With the use of topical anesthetic both before and during the treatment, most clients experience little to no discomfort.

How do I get started?
The initial consultation is free.  During the consultation Ms. Jordan will evaluate the client’s skin and the tattoo or permanent makeup to be removed.  She will explain the procedure which will be followed, the anticipated number of sessions that will be required, and the cost.  The client should feel free to ask any questions during the consultation.

History of Tattoos

Tattooing began with the cave man and permanent cosmetics were used in the time of Cleopatra.  For hundreds of years individuals have permanently marked their bodies with names, symbols, flowers, butterflies, and even photographs.  Men and women in the armed forces frequently have a patriotic tattoo.  Gang members are often tattooed to show their gang affiliation.  For as long as people have had tattoos there have been individuals who have wanted to have their tattoos removed.  Unfortunately, until recently there has been no effective method of tattoo removal.  Once a person had a tattoo he or she was pretty well stuck with it, or if laser was used to try to remove a tattoo, the individual was often left with a still seen tattoo and a scar.  With the Applause Natural removal procedure that, thankfully, is no longer the case.