Wildwood Canyon Hike in Burbank

If you are anywhere near Burbank, California, the Wildwood Canyon Park Hike is the challenge you’ve been looking for with a rewarding view you can’t get anywhere else.  As days become longer and warm weather is providing a release to cabin fever, you may be looking to challenge yourself with a great hike. You don’t want to have to travel far or pay to park just to take a hike, and you want to find a hike with a rewarding view. Who wants to work that hard without a view payoff?

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Wildwood Canyon Hike in Burbank

Getting There

Wildwood Canyon is located in the Verdugo Mountains, which makes up the eastern boundary of Burbank.  The hike involves climbing to the top ridge of the mountains.

Coming from I-5, take the Burbank Blvd exit and turn east towards the hills.  Go past San Fernando Road, then keep right and finally turn right on Third St.  The next street on the left is Harvard Rd, turn here.  Keep going east on Harvard Rd all the way up the hill, along the edge of the golf course and the entrance to Wildwood Canyon Park will be on your right. There is a large, free parking lot with plenty of parking space. The police have a shooting range nearby, so be sure not to park illegally or break park rules. Also, remember to check the current traffic conditions for the quickest route to the trailhead.

For GPS users, try searching for “Harvard Rd & Wildwood Canyon Rd, Burbank”.

The Hike

The hike is a good steep 2 miles up which means a good descent back down that same stretch. Those with knee problems or doing their first hike ever may want to be cautious, but the hike can be conquered by beginners and experts alike if you just take your time. The trail is not a super busy trail as others in the area can be, and there is no expectation or judgment about taking frequent stops; there is even a bench halfway to allow for a rest stop.

The Top

When you start the hike, you can see a radio tower at the top that looks easy enough to reach, but don’t be fooled, it’s not as close as it looks. Once you reach the peak, you will find a chair positioned to look out over the beautiful city of Burbank while you rest. The tree behind the radio tower is a great place to sit under some shade after the steep walk up.



Below are some pictures of what you will see along the way.

  • Wildwood Canyon Hike in Burbank
    The entrance to Wildwood Park off Harvard Rd
  • Wildwood Canyon Hike in Burbank
    One of few shady spots along the trail
  • Wildwood Canyon Hike in Burbank
    The first part of the hike
  • Wildwood Canyon Hike in Burbank
    View from the top – Burbank in foreground, downtown L.A. in the distance
  • Wildwood Canyon Hike in Burbank
    The trail ends near this radio tower

The Views

The spectacular views start at the beginning of the hike and continue to get better the further you ascend. At the beginning of the hike you will get a great overlook of the nearby palm tree-lined, DeBell golf course, continuing on to see the Burbank PD Shooting Range. All along the trail you can look back to see the descending trail surrounded by shrubs and wildflowers. Once you reach the top you will be faced with a breathtaking view of the city of Burbank and Los Angeles.

  • Early morning hikers can often catch a misty fog overlay on the city.
  • Afternoon hikers find bright blue skies and beaming sunshine.
  • Evening hikers can catch a brilliant blazing sunset over the city as they watch the buildings and streetlights come to life at night.
  • All hours of the day, hikers can catch a glimpse of various wildlife from birds to toads, and even lizards and snakes. Make sure to not disturb any of the animals and keep a very safe distance from any snakes.


  • Water!! The hike can be strenuous and increases in elevation, so make sure to bring and drink plenty of water. The only water station is at the base near the parking lot, so you can fill up there before starting the hike or bring your own water.
  • This hike is basically out in the open with no shade, so make sure that you save this hike for cooler times of the year/day and use plenty of sunscreen.
  • Sunset Views = Best! Time your hike just right to enjoy sunset at the summit. Make sure you head down in time to give yourself time to reach your car before dark. If you want to be at the peak while it is dark to see the city lights, make sure to bring a flashlight for the walk down.
  • Always come down the same trail you went up. There are a lot of other shoot-off trails that end up in different locations and you want to make sure you get back to your car.
  • Knees hurting? Stick to the left side of the steps on the trail.
  • Pets are welcome, but be sure to keep animals on a leash no longer than 6’ and always come prepared to clean up your animal’s waste along the trail.
  • Weather – always check the weather forecast before any hike. Excessive rain can make steep hikes very slick which leads to falls and injuries.

If you’re looking to get in a good workout and see some incredible sights, visit Burbank today and take your time enjoying the views from the Wildwood Canyon Park hike.

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