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BackRoadsWest.com is the concept of Cliff and Ilene Bandringa.  By profession, we are a software developer and a technical writer, respectively, but by nature we are outdoor explorers!  As native Californians now living in Southern Utah, we have appreciated the spectacular natural beauty of the Southwest our entire lives. Since we’ve met, we have traveled together extensively through our “backyard” and have been collecting information and pictures as we go.  This accumulated knowledge and substantial picture library is what we have put into the Virtual Guides we now offer.

Ilene & Cliff Bandringa at Toroweap, Grand Canyon

Ilene & Cliff Bandringa at Toroweap, Grand Canyon

Because each Guide is based on our own personal experience of an area, we wanted to give you a little bit of background about us.  We consider ourselves “explorers” rather than “adventurers” and, to us, there is a significant difference. Someone once said that “an adventure is what happens to you when you didn’t plan your trip well enough”.  Well, that’s partially true and we’ve had our share of adventures but most have been weather related.  We do lots of planning and research on an area before visiting it and that process is actually what led us to creating these Guides.

Don’t forget to check out our trips blog showcasing our latest trips, as well as our other business that creates Virtual Video Tours for commercial purposes.

We truly enjoy all the things we write about in our Guides and hope that our Guides will enhance your Back Roads West experience!

Happy Exploring!


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