Tour the Grand Canyon on Mules

Trip Date: March 2008

Have you ever dared yourself to take that world-famous trip to the bottom of the Grand Canyon on top of a mule? We didn’t, but someone talked us into it.  Worse yet, when it came time to take the trip, that someone had to cancel out of the trip and the two of us went on.  Bottom line: we were glad that we were talked into going on this trip because it was one of the best travel experiences of our lives; but than again, we are very lucky to enjoy many of those great experiences!

After seeing our trip you feel compelled to experience it for yourself, then you need to make plans 12-13 months in advance.  The trip package we purchased included a nights stay before the mule trip and after the trip (two nights total).  We also strongly recommend to NOT do what most people do – stay overnight at the bottom of the canyon at Phantom Ranch for only one night.  That is a big mistake.  We stayed for two nights.  If we didn’t, we would not have experienced the fantastic hike up Bright Angel Canyon to see the unusual yet beautiful Ribbon Falls.  You can inquire about the trip on-line (see Google Search).

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