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See the Whole Map

Make sure to use the scroll bar on the right side of your web browser to scroll down the page so that you can see the entire map.  Return to Map.

Scroll and Zoom the Map

In the upper-left corner of the map, there is a control that you can use to move the map around, as well as zoom in and zoom out.  You can also move the map by clicking and holding your mouse button down and then move your mouse to move the map.  You can also zoom down into the map by pointing to the section of the map to zoom into and then double-clicking your mouse button.  Return to Map.

Locate Other Places

In the lower-left corner of the map, you will see a Google Search text box.  Here you may type in any services that you may be looking for to locate and plot on the map.  Example, if you are looking for campgrounds, type in the word "camping" into the text box and a series of campgrounds will be plotted on the map.  A list of campgrounds will also be displayed just above the text box.  Clicking on either the plotted red dot or an entry in the list will display that campground's webpage.  Return to Map.

Change the Map Type

This map supports four different types of maps: a traditional "Google" map, Google "satellite" view, a topography map from the USGS (United States Geological Survey), and a Google terrain map.  You may switch map types by clicking on the appropriate buttons located in the upper-right corner of the map.  Return to Map.

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