Map Tour

An Interactive Map Tour is not one of our usual Virtual Tours.  It is way of displaying a collection of locations on a web-based map so that viewers can click on one of the locations and get more information about it.  These locations can be a collection of fixed assets, assorted business locations, groups of property listings or even a collection of individual Virtual Tours.

This type of map is just one of many aspects of our Content Development for Websites service.  There can be many variations to such a map tour.

The map tour below is an example of several vacant land properties that are for sale.  The web-based map we use is from the popular (and free) Google Maps.  Each property is plotted with a red dot and when the viewer clicks on a dot, a balloon with more options is displayed.

Options include a hyperlink to a webpage that shows details about the property, a link to a PDF brochure for the property and a link to the Google Street View service that physically shows the viewer what the vacant land looks like from the street view.



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