Welcome to the trip blog for BackRoadsWest.com.  We love to travel and take lots of trips.   When we go, we take our supplies, camera gear and a sense of adventure and head out for the remote areas.   This blog is our chance to share some of those trips with you.

What You’ll Find With Each Trip

Each of our blog posts (trip articles) takes you on one of our trips.  Trips can be a road trip, a hike or a place to visit.  Or, it can be all three together!

Along with written text that explains our journey, each post also includes additional features, such as YouTube videos, driving directions and maps, giving you a richer impression on what you’ll see if you go on our trip.

Virtual Video Tour


All of our blog posts are accompanied with a “virtual video tour”, which is presented in the form of a YouTube video.   So when looking through our blog, be sure to look for the YouTube video, located about halfway through the post.

Our virtual video tour is designed to tell the story of our trip visually.  It is an alternative to reading the text.  Although reading the text will give you the most detail about our trip, watching the video will give you a sense of actually being there with us on our trip.

Trip Map

Each post includes a Trip Map, which is an interactive Google Map that points out most of the places we mention in our trip.  You can switch back and forth between terrain and satellite view and zoom in to see what it looks like when you take our trip.

Icons on the map describe whether a point is a driving element (icon of a jeep), a hiking/walking element (icon of a hiker) or if it is information about the trip (icon of an i).


Our trip blog website also includes a Google Map that shows where all of our trips are located throughout the Southwest and Alaska.  Icons on the map depict what type of a trip it is: a road trip, hike or a regional tour.  A Google Search box is available for you to search for businesses or services nearby a trip’s location.

Sample Google Map

Sample Google Map

We enjoy exploring places that are tucked away and not often visited. These places are usually accessed from a road that is a little less traveled than a busy highway or from a hiking trail.

Our travel guides come in several flavors. Some are comprehensive and interactive, which include many pictures, maps and a detailed explanation of what you will see and how to find it. Other guides use our unique virtual video tour format, which is more commonly found on our trip blogs.


Most of our posts include a series of pictures that shows you some of the scenes along the trip.  These pictures are mini slideshows that run automatically or you can control them with your mouse by clicking on the dots below the picture.

For mobile device users, you can control the pictures by swiping your finger to the left or the right to move to the next or previous picture.

Some pictures include large panoramas which simply are always moving from the right to the left.  Since they are constantly moving, there is no way to control it.

  • White Pocket

    White Pocket

  • Fall colors near the Alabama Hills
    Fall Colors near Lone Pine
  • Welcome
    Mojave yucca in bloom
  • Welcome
    Driving thru Titus Canyon in Death Valley
  • Welcome
    The Harvey House in Barstow

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