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Hi!  Here we are, the tour guides and designers of BackRoadsWest.com.  We hope that you enjoy coming along with us on our virtual tours and that, after doing so, you’ll feel inspired to go and visit these places for yourself.

Our travels often take us into our big backyard called the Mojave Desert.  Sometimes we venture out of our home in Southern Utah and sometimes we even venture outside of the USA where we visit such places as New Zealand or Europe.

Ilene & Cliff at Toroweap, Grand Canyon

But no matter where we travel, though, our goals for exploring are always the same…. stay away from the popular, crowded and often over-rated spots and, instead, seek out the quieter, lesser-known, off-the-beaten path places.  When we do come home from our travels, and it’s too hot or too cold to be out exploring, we’ll be sitting in front of our computers adding to this blog.


Cliff & Ilene Bandringa

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Hire Us – Use Our Content

If you enjoyed the chronicles of our travels, the photography and our unique style of Virtual Video Tours, then maybe you’d like to hire us to develop content for you. The skills you’ve seen used on this website can be put to work on your website, magazine, marketing content or project.

Types of content we create are:

  • Photography
  • Panoramic images
  • Time lapse photography
  • Written text
  • Narration
  • Maps, charts and diagrams
  • Interactive maps
  • Animations
  • Virtual Video Tours

Magazine Content

Our travel posts are great for magazines.  Regional magazines have used our articles to showcase places and things to do in their area.  Below is are two examples of our content published in a magazine:

Contact Us and can we provide more samples of our work.  We can also custom-tailor any of our existing travel articles for your needs, as well as create a new article on an place you would like us to cover.  Often, we write shorter articles for use in the magazine, which then refers readers to a website that contains more detailed information, including one of our Virtual Video Tours.

Virtual Video Tours

Our unique style of Virtual Video Tours are designed to give viewers a feel of what it’s like to actually being somewhere.  That somewhere can be a region, museum, road trip, hike, facility, etc.

The Virtual Video Tours we create will show a viewer how to get to a destination, show what it looks like, point out what there is to see along the way and relate it all to an animated map.

Here are some sample Virtual Video Tours.  See more tours at the portfolio page of our Virtual Tours West website.

  • Tour of a Region

    This tour is used to attract tourists to a certain area by showing the cool places to see nearby Lone Pine, California.
  • Tour of a Museum

    Takes you on a virtual walk-through of a museum on Route 66.
  • Virtual Road Trip

    This trip through Titus Canyon in Death Valley shows you what the road looks like.
  • Virtual Hike

    This trip takes you through a deep slot canyon in Utah.

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