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This page explains all about the virtual tours that we can develop for you.  There is also a section on Case Studies and testimonials that explain some of our successes.

Virtual tour of building

What is a Virtual Tour?

For anyone who cannot physically go to a location, taking a virtual tour is the next best thing to being there.  Virtual tours can also show off the region you are promoting, your business, or the products and services that you offer.  Owning a virtual tour will save you time and money by introducing more people to your business.

Our virtual tours provide the viewer with a real sense of what your particular location looks like without having to actually be there in person!  Let us take them on a virtual tour that starts by showing your location from a sky-view map and then moves down to ground level where we show them all of the important elements of your location.

Each virtual tour is custom-designed to fit your situation and they can even be interactive. They can include whatever information you deem important and can be as simple or complex as you like.

Virtual tours can also be used to show your customers what your business does.  If you have a website, a virtual tour can be added to a webpage as a video.  Many website visitors today prefer to sit back and watch rather than read about something.  It is a known fact that websites with video content enjoy a 22% better chance of being found by Internet search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

Imagine giving your viewers something animated to watch that also gives them important information?  What a powerful marketing tool!

If you have any questions or would like more information about our virtual tours, please Contact Us.

Virtual tours integrated with maps

How can a Virtual Tour help me?

Whether you are selling commercial property or promoting a particular area, virtual tours can show off your location in a very dramatic and dynamic way. 

If you are involved in the selling of commercial real estate (a broker, property owner, asset manager, agent or auction house) or are trying to promote tourism for your area (Chamber of Commerce), then our virtual tours can help you. 

If you are trying to bring people to your hotel, resort, retirement community, etc., our virtual tours can help with that, too. Our virtual tours can also be used for training and education purposes or to show the location and condition of a facility and fixed asset.

If you are Selling - Just think of all the time and money both you and your potential clients can save by not having to physically travel to a location to see it in detail! A virtual tour will show them the exterior and interior of your property from many different angles and viewpoints while also providing them with all of the essential details they want to know. All this without either of you having to leave your office!

Offering your clients a virtual tour gives them the luxury of being able to tour the property as many times as they want whenever they want, day or night. Virtual tours make the process so easy!

If you are Promoting - What better way to encourage people to come to your area than by giving them a sense of what it is actually like to “be there”? Let our virtual tours take your viewers on a walk down a street and then into a store or building to see what it looks like inside. Or maybe take them on an inside tour of your facility and then walk out into the garden.

Whether you’re promoting tourism or recreation or retirement living, our virtual tours can show them the highlights and help you bring people to your area.

If you have any questions or would like more information about our virtual tours, please Contact Us.

Virtual tours show you places without having to go there

How do our Virtual Tours work?

Our automatic virtual tours are for those viewers who like to sit back and be taken on a tour. Our interactive virtual tours are for those viewers who like to sit in the driver’s seat and take their own tour.

Both the automatic and interactive tours have their individual advantages and we like to use a museum tour as an analogy to describe the difference. The automatic tour is like being shown around the museum by a personal tour guide.  The interactive tour is like walking through the museum on your own so that you can stop only at the exhibits that interest you.

An automatic virtual tour is like watching a DVD movie.  The viewer can watch it on your website, YouTube, a DVD or a smart phone.  The advantage of an automatic virtual tour is that it requires no skill or interaction from the viewer and it keeps the tour focused on what you want them to see.   

An interactive virtual tour is like going to a website.  The viewer has control of what they watch by clicking on only the portions of a tour that most interest them.  The advantage of an interactive virtual tour is that it provides more detail and gives the viewer control for efficient use of their time. 

We can produce virtual tours to include both the automatic and interactive styles for the ultimate tour that would fit both types of viewers.  The choice is yours because every virtual tour is customized to fit your situation.

How Have Virtual Tours Helped Other Businesses?

Learn about our clients' successes and testimonials through our collection of Case Studies.



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