Guest Ranch Virtual Tour

This Virtual Tour of Boulder Creek Ranch in Hesperia, California, takes you on a tour of this large, multi-purpose facility.  This is an example of how to better advertise your business by using both Automatic and Interactive Virtual Tours together.

It is also an example of how multiple Virtual Tours are organized into separate sections or chapters to make it easy for your viewer to find what they are looking for.

The Automatic Tour was developed in two different mediums, YouTube* and Photodex Presenter*, so that you can see there are choices for displaying your Virtual Tour.  Each has its own set of advantages.

The Automatic Tour has 4 sections.  There is an Introduction, a Virtual Tour of the lake and event facilities, the equestrian facilities, the sports park and children’s playground.  In the YouTube version, there is also a wedding facility section.

The Interactive Tour is based on an overview map for this facility and gives the viewer the ability to click on certain portions to learn more about it.

Although the Virtual Tours in this example show all of the features of Boulder Creek Ranch, it is not a complete picture.  Go to the Boulder Creek Ranch website for more information.

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