Interactive Virtual Tour Guide

This is an example of how to organize and present multiple virtual tours to on-line viewers.  Unlike the automatic Virtual Tours that are watched on YouTube, this style of tour requires more interaction with the viewer.  We call this style a Virtual Tour Guide and are similar to an e-book.

The South Island of New Zealand is used as the subject in this example.  This Virtual Tour Guide is designed and targeted towards educating American visitors that are planning a visit to New Zealand.


  • Individual chapters that showcases each trip or place of interest.
  • Sections that explains to the viewer what to expect when they visit, the history, culture, etc.
  • Written description of what there is to see on each trip or at each place.
  • An interactive map that visitors use to select which area or trip they want to learn more about.
  • Each chapter includes a self-playing, animated map, that shows what it looks like along the way.
  • Each chapter includes an interactive map the viewer can click on to see what it looks like at that point.

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