Virtual Tours for Community Outreach

This Virtual Tour is actually a group of several individual but related Virtual Tours.  It is designed for the community of Spring Valley Lake as a way to help educate the residents about their own community.

Volunteers at Spring Valley Lake were continually striving to promote the benefits and amenities of the community to its own residents. Communicating to these very busy people is a constant challenge and these Virtual Tours are a new and easy way to achieve their goal of creating more community awareness while also building a stronger pride and sense of “community”.  Read more on the case study.

Residents can watch the Virtual Tours from the Internet at any time from Spring Valley Lake's website or they can use the DVD version to watch it in the comfort of their own home on a high-definition television.

The Spring Valley Lake Tours are also an example of how multiple Virtual Tours are organized into separate sections or chapters to make it easy for your viewer to find and learn about what they are looking for.  Although the introduction chapter is presented using YouTube, all of the other chapters use Viddler, which gives the viewer additional features.  One of these features are the use of bookmarks in the timeline so that viewers can hover the mouse over each bookmark to see where the different sections in the video are located.  That way, they can click on a bookmark to jump to that part of the tour.

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