Anza-Borrego Tour Guide

The Anza-Borrego desert region is an often forgotten yet beautiful area that is less-frequently visited as compared to its more popular neighbors like Palm Springs and Joshua Tree National Park.

Fonts Point overlooking the Borrego Badlands
Fonts Point overlooking the Borrego Badlands

This desert covers a large area and includes the state park of the same name, a small resort town at its center and a large off-road park called Ocotillo Wells State Vehicular Recreation Area.  The Anza-Borrego Desert State Park itself is the largest state park in California and the second largest in the contiguous United States.

Anza-Borrego offers many activities to enjoy for people that enjoy adventures outdoors or just kicking back at a desert resort.

For visitors seeking the great outdoors, attractions include:

  • Scenic drives
  • Rewarding hikes
  • Colorful and unique geologic formations
  • Rugged mountains
  • Slot canyons
  • Abundant desert flora

For visitors that prefer to relax and enjoy the desert air:

  • Several high-end resorts
  • Golf courses
  • Fine dining
  • Quaint, small-town atmosphere

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