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Virtual Tour Guides of the Southwest

We offer two different ways for you to purchase our Virtual Tour Guides.  You can either purchase a CD to install our guide on your computer or you can order a subscription and use our guide on-line over the Internet.

No matter which one you choose, you will get the same exact information.  To purchase a Virtual Tour Guide and learn about what areas are included in each one, just click on the picture of the Guide you are interested in (see below).

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CD Disc Guidelines

Allow 5-7 days for shipping from when you submit your order. Purchasing our guide on CD means that you can only install it on a Windows-based computer. It will not run on mobile devices.

Subscription Guidelines

Allow 24-48 hours for us to setup your subscription. Purchasing our subscription version allows you to run our guide on any computer, including mobile devices. The subscription lasts 6 months.

Purchasing Methods, Click to Expand:

  • We will mail you a CD that you install onto your computer.  The advantage of ordering a CD is that, once installed, the Virtual Tour Guide information is available to you indefinitely and you don’t need an Internet connection to access it.

    If the CD is installed on a laptop, you can take your laptop with you on your trip and have access to all of the information (maps, road descriptions, hiking trails, photos, etc.) in the Guide.  You won’t need an Internet connection.   Think of how convenient it would be to have all of that knowledge right there with you when you need it!

  • Another option to purchasing our guides is to purchase a subscription.  This is the only option for Apple users and mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

    Subscriptions will last six (6) months from the issue date of your password.  During that time, you will have unlimited access to the entire Virtual Tour Guide via the Internet.

    After you’ve placed your order, we will e-mail you a unique user name and password along with instructions on how to access the Guide on-line.  The time from when you placed your order until we email you a password may take 24-48 hours.  Email us directly using Contact Us to request setting up a subscription as soon as possible.

    The advantage of having a subscription is that you can have access to the Virtual Tour Guide quicker, you don’t have to install anything on your computer, you will be always be looking at the most updated information and it is a little less expensive than a CD.

    If you have any questions about the subscription process, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

Our Guides For Sale:


Death Valley National Park is world famous for its extraordinary desert scenery as well as its classic Western mining history.  There is something spectacular to see in virtually every corner of this amazing park!

CD Price: $20.00
(plus shipping & handling)

Subscription Price: $15.00

Read more about what our Death Valley Guide includes.

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A new addition our National Park System, the Mojave National Preserve is a region with a remarkably diverse landscape.  The variety of flora and fauna found here is unsurpassed anywhere else in the Mojave Desert!

CD Price: $20.00
(plus shipping & handling)

Subscription Price: $15.00

Read more about what our Mojave National Preserve Guide includes.

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Purchase a 6 month
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Own a Mojave National
Preserve CD for installing
installing on a Windows-
based computer

Purchase a 6 month
subscription for use on
a Apple or mobile